perjantai 4. syyskuuta 2015

A letter to Ewan Watson (Head of Public Relations, ICRC)

Dear Mr. Watson,

Are you aware of the situation here in Finland? Finnish Red Cross' staff is acting as if
they had all the power in the world, they are bullying Finnish authorities, neglecting Finnish laws by demanding more and more space for their greedy business.

I do not know if
you can understand Finnish but here are some links to current news.

Turku, Mr. Pauli Heikkinen
Northern Finland

I think you are fully aware of the facts that Finnish Red Cross is not in the position to violate applicable rules and regulations let alone Finnish law. That, however, is the case now.

I will do everything
within my power to stop this, including but not limited to media publicity and legal means.

 Good Day.

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