sunnuntai 20. elokuuta 2017

Sekalaista tajunnanvirtaa, osa 3

Cherry blossoms close to mount Fuji
Super fast trains, always on time
Shiny happy people
manners and greetings
Big in Japan

three finger solution
epic fail
noise pollution
epic fail
head over heels
epic fail
"you know how it feels!"
epic fail
New York Minute
epic fail
epic fail

The blues had a baby and they call it rock'n'roll * 2
I-IV-V - gimme high five!

R&B ain't what it used to be * 2
Leave all the crap, it's as simple as that

Punk rock, hard rock - any flavour will do * 2
Just keep it going
just like Johnny B. Goode!

2 kommenttia:

  1. This is number one, and the fun has just begun.
    This is number two, taking off my shoe.
    This is Nr.3, my hand is on her knee.
    This is Nr.4, she says she wanted more.
    This is Nr.5, she says she wants behind.
    This is Nr.6, she says she likes my tricks.
    This is Nr.7, she says she is in Heaven.
    This is Nr.8, she says she likes my weight.
    This is Nr.9, but the baby wasn't mine.
    This is Nr.10 - we'll start it all again!