tiistai 15. elokuuta 2017

Päivän biisi ja sentimentaalista soopaa

The Hollies - He ain't heavy, he's my brother

* * *
Here's some sentimental shit I wrote some time ago.
NB: Public Domain from now on.
 * * *

 maybe tomorrow
 i'll see you again

 maybe tomorrow
 light shines again

 all the pain and sorrow
 will be gone for good
 that's what i really hope

 maybe today
 we'll find forgiveness

 and maybe today
 we realise

 we had some good times
 so baby, let's not tear this all apart


 too much time has been wasted
 too much love has gone astray
 all the passion, all compassion
 should not be thrown away
 oh no no no!

 * guitar solo, 2-3 turns *

 maybe tomorrow
 maybe tomorrow

 oh baby,
 maybe  t o m o r r o w  <- slows down while the guitar still gently weeps

Take care, my friends!

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