tiistai 1. elokuuta 2017

Some words of wisdom

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  1. CREDITS, in no particular order.
    - Open Source, e.g. Linux, Wikipedia and so on
    - all the fine musicians in the world. I owe you one!
    - all fine people in the world DO realise the difference between right and wrong
    - to all my friends who made this possible. HATS OFF!

    Finally, NEVER GIVE IN WITHOUT A FIGHT! (credits: Capablanca)

    Oh, speaking of chess.

    Russian Chess Masters are known for their sense of humor. I think it was Boris Spassky who said something like this in an interview.
    - Which do you prefer, chess or sex?
    Spassky said without any hesitation
    - Depends on the position.

    Take care, my friends.
    Long Away