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Suositeltavaa luettavaa: "Swedish gov’s obsession with Israel is the new anti-semitism"

Seth Frantzmanin tuore blogikirjoitus "Swedish gov’s obsession with Israel is the new anti-semitism" kannattaa lukea, vaikka se pitkähkö onkin. Lainaan siitä kaksi viimeistä kappaletta.

There is no conceivable reason a state like Sweden should ever involve itself in what happens in the Middle East. First and foremost it should deal with its own problems and then its neighbors and then Russia and the EU. There is plenty to deal with there. So why is its nose stuck in Jerusalem? Why not go deal with Tibet or Venezuela? Why is this neo-colonialism from Sweden’s government so strong, the idea that it must “solve” the Middle East, must “save” the peace process. Obsession with Israel. It doesn’t notice the 12 million people displaced in fighting in Syria, the 500,000 dead. It doesn’t notice the Yazidi genocide, and the mass ethnic-cleansing by ISIS. It doesn’t even do a good job policing its own ISIS members. In fact Sweden offers benefits and housing to returning ISIS war criminals. After Belgium and Denmark, Sweden has the most number of ISIS members per capita of any European country. Why did it birth so many ISIS neo-Nazi style genociders? Why is it blaming Israel for ISIS, rather than looking at its own education policies that have birthed intolerance, bigotry, anti-semitism and ISIS genociders?

The fact is that shifting blame to Israel is part of the new anti-semitism. European governments find Israel an easy target. They don’t want to look at their own policies, they don’t want to ask why their own countries created thousands of ISIS bigots, or why in Germany for instance there are ten attacks a day on refugees, it’s easier to hate Israel than be self-critical and blame Israel for ISIS than blame homegrown hate speech for it. It’s easier to blame Israel than to offend oil contracts signed in Riyadh or Tehran. The knee-jerk decision always to talk about Israel, obsess over Israel and the “peace process” and needle Israel and find a way to bring Israel and Jews into every conversation is part of the new anti-semitism. Unfortunately Sweden’s government is a prime example of these policies.

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